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10' x 10' tent available to protect band from sun , wind, and weather


The Steel Drum can entertain up to 200 people without amplification


Battery run gear allows for amplification in waterfront areas without power


Band can be booked as a duo, trio, quartet, or larger dance band.

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About Steel Tide Calypso

Steel Tide Calypso was started in 1998 to meet the requests of various restaurant owners for the sound of steel drums. The repertoire comes from various sources. The songs of Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffet, Harry Belafonte, The Beach Boys, and Bobby McFerrin are featured as well as many others. Many popular songs lend themselves to the "Island" feel such as "Under the Boardwalk", "Red Red Wine" and of course "Under The Sea" from The Little Mermaid. Also included are latin songs from the big band era and various Bossa Nova hits.

  • duo, trio or quartet
  • instrumental and/or vocal
  • indoor/ outdoor setups
  • weddings/birthday parties